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Salisbury Cycle Speedway Inc welcomes you to the new home of the 'Salisbury Jets'

Salisbury Cycle Speedway Inc. formed more than 40 years ago has filled a need within the Salisbury North area, for a family friendly, low budget sport.

The clubs vibrant and positive minded members are certainly a reflection of the clubs will to succeed and through persistent development programs by our coaching staff, our riders have become a dominant force in the exciting and high action sport of cycle speedway both locally in South Australia as well as representation on the world stage.

Salisbury Cycle Speedway is a club for any ages or abilities. Come down and have a free try, most Saturdays from 12.30pm.

 Welcome to our website.

Tangent Avenue - Salisbury North SA
0457 457 160

Salisbury Cycle Speedway

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Saturday 5th - Normal points meeting 12:30 check in


Saturday 12th - Normal points meeting 12:30 check in


Saturday 19th - Early racing 11:30 check in + Brian Herd and Trevor Dutton Invitational @ Salisbury


Sunday 20th - City of Charles Sturt Open Championship @ Findon


Friday 25th - Normal points meeting 7.00pm check in
Saturday 26th - League Round 3 @ LeFevre


August 8th
Holly Greenhalgh
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